November 13, 2012

Young scientists

Kids around the globe tackle challenges through science and innovation.

How does it feel to create something that may change the world? The Stream hosts an amazing group of scientists who’ve done just that. One developed a more accurate, less invasive way to diagnose breast cancer. Others created a new form of hydroponic farming and a way to display real 3D images. What’s the catch? All the inventors are teenagers.

In this episode of The Stream, we speak to:

Albert Yu-Min Lin @exploreralbert
National Geographic Explorer

Aleta Margolis @InspireTeach
Founder, Center for Inspired Teaching

Joining us on Google+:

Brittany Wenger: project
U.S. young scientist

Melvin Zammit: project
Maltin student inventor

Raghavendra Ramachanderan: project
Indian student scientist

Titus Mandla Sithole
Teacher from Swaziland

What do you think? How can young students be challenged and encouraged to innovate and create? Leave your comment below or record a 30-second video comment for the show.