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February 6, 2013

Croatia rallies to get care for child cancer patient

Outrage online after reports that a young Croatian girl might not be able to afford treatment in the US.
Nora Situm
Five-year-old Nora Situm from Croatia. Photo from Facebook.

Nora Situm, a five-year-old Croatian girl, is suffering from an acute form of leukaemia requiring experimental cancer treatment. Her family raised the $600,000 necessary to cover the cost of her care at a renowned hospital in the United States, with donations pouring in after national and online media attention.

But on Tuesday, reportedly the day before Nora was to travel to the US to begin treatment, word spread that the money raised might not be enough. According to local news reports, the cost Nora's family had been quoted was no longer sufficient and an additional $200,000 was needed. The cause for the price hike was not immediately clear, but some reports said it apparently covered future years of treatment. The Children's Hospital of Philadelphia, where she planned to receive treatment, did not respond to requests for comment from The Stream.

Word of the price increase caused an uproar on social media. People from Croatia and around the world barraged the hospital's Twitter with criticism: