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February 12, 2013

False rumors of Sarah Palin as Al Jazeera host

Reporter mistakes satirical piece in article on former Alaska governor.
Sarah Palin
Sarah Palin speaks to a group of supporters at a 2008 campaign rally in Springfield, Missouri. EPA/LARRY W. SMITH

On Tuesday, a writer for the Washington Post mistakenly reported that former governor of Alaska and vice-presidential candidate Sarah Palin was hired as a host for the upcoming Al Jazeera America channel. The article, which has since been corrected, cited claims from The Daily Currant that Palin had been tapped for a key role in the new network. Writer Suzi Parker did not notice, however, that The Daily Currant is a satirical site.

An Al Jazeera spokesman later clarified that "no discussions have taken place" with Palin for the network.