February 13, 2013

Beyond The Nation

What is it like to be an African-American Muslim in the US today?
Nation of Islam Minister Eric Muhammad (L) and his wife Jonae Muhammad enjoy the celebrations at the Millions More Movement in Washington, DC Saturday 15 October 2005. EPA/Chris Greenberg.

What does it mean to be an African-American Muslim in 2013? Fifty years ago, Islam in the US was laid against the backdrop of racial segregation, led by the likes of Malcolm X and Elijah Mohammed. But today things have changed, with Muslim influence represented in pop culture like the hip-hop music industry. Join The Stream as we go in-depth to talk about how the community has evolved.

In this episode of The Stream, we speak to:

Joshua Salaam, @salaamatweet
Singer, Native Deen

Zaheer Ali, @zaheerali
Project Manager, The Malcolm X Project at Columbia University

Su'ad Abdul Khabeer, @DrSuad
Assistant Professor, Purdue University

Amir Sulaiman, @amirsulaiman
Spoken word artist

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