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February 20, 2013

Inside North Korea

A Reddit AMA provides a rare look inside the country.
North Korea
North Korean women walk past bronze statues of North Korea's founder Kim Il-sung (L) and late leader Kim Jong-il at Mansudae in Pyongyang, in this photo taken and provided by Kyodo, February 16, 2013, on the birthday of their late leader, Kim Jong-il. REUTERS/Kyodo

A recent defector from North Korea held an AMA, an online chat using the forum Reddit, on February 19 with the help of Movements.org and Liberty in North Korea: LiNK. North Korea is known for its firm grip on information coming in and out of the country, so the AMA provided insights seldom available to the world.

Sang-hyun, the fake name given to the defector for safety reasons, addressed information censorship in his country.