February 27, 2013

Israel's migrant dilemma

Repatriation of African migrants in Israel sparks international concern.

Inspectors from the Israel Immigration and Population Department arrest an African migrant in South Tel Aviv, Israel, 13 June 2012. Abir Sultan/EPA

On Wednesday, February 27:

Does Israel have the right to turn away undocumented migrants? According to a report, Israel has secretly sent more than 1,000 Sudanese nationals back to Sudan, despite threats by Khartoum to punish anyone who migrates to Israel. The UNHCR says Israel violated a human rights convention to protect those who face persecution back home. Join the conversation at 1930GMT.

In this episode of The Stream, we speak to:

Yohannes Bayu @ARDC_org
Founder, African Refugee Development Center

Naomi Paiss @NewIsraelFund
Vice President, Public Affairs at New Israel Fund

David Sheen @davidsheen
Writer, Filmmaker

Moran Stern
Lecturer, Georgetown University's Program for Jewish civilisation

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