March 5, 2013

Catching the video virus

From local joke to global phenomenon, we examine the spread of a meme.

Screenshot from YouTube

The Harlem Shake has much of the world flailing their bodies as thousands of copycat videos continue to inundate YouTube each day. What began with one video has morphed into a global craze that has athletes, celebrities and even cartoon characters shaking erratically for thirty seconds. So what is it about certain videos that make them go viral? And how is the immediacy of social media and the internet impacting our societies?

In this episode of The Stream, we speak to:

Alex Howard @digiphile
Washington correspondent, O'Reilly Media

Jonah Berger @j1berger
Professor of Marketing, Wharton School

Slade Sohmer @SladeHV
Editor in chief, Hypervocal

Adam Mordecai @advodude
Viral curator, Upworthy.com

Chris Pirillo @ChrisPirillo
Founder, LockerGnome

Lil Bub and Mike Bridavsky @IAMLILBUB
Internet cat sensation

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