March 25, 2013

Guatemala pursues justice in #RiosMontt case

The country becomes the first to try a former head of state in its own court.
Guatemalean ex-leader Jose Efrain Rios Montt is pictured during the trial against him and his former intelligence chief, Jose Mauricio Rodriguez (not seen), in Guatemala City, Guatemala, 31 January 2013. EPA/SAUL MARTINEZ

On Monday, March 25 at 19:30 GMT:

Will the ongoing genocide trial of Guatemala's former leader Efrain Rios Montt be enough to heal the wounds of the country's 36-year civil war? The trial has made Guatemala the world’s first nation to try a former head of state for genocide within its own court system. Is the country on the right track towards achieving justice? Join the conversation at 1930GMT.

In this episode of The Stream, we speak to:

Marcia Esparza @HMPNYC
Founder, Historical Memory Project

Adriana Portillo-Bartow
Human Rights Defender, Survivor

Estuardo Zapeta @ezapeta
Guatemalan Journalist

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