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April 8, 2013

Banning miniskirts in Uganda?

Outrage after ethics minister proposes ban on 'indecent dress'.

Women dance during the International Women's Day celebration in Bweyale district, some 300km west of the capital Kampala, Uganda, 08 March 2011. EPA/STR

Ugandans online are tweeting to #SavetheMiniskirt after a government proposal to ban 'indecent dress' for women. The proposal is part of an anti-pornography bill that would ban some films and television shows. It would also closely monitor internet use.

Ethics and Integrity Minister Simon Lokodo suggested the ban would protect women, saying, "We know people who are indecently dressed: they do it provocatively and sometimes they are attacked".

The proposal set off a firestorm on Twitter, with many mocking the bill and criticising it for infringing on women's rights.