April 9, 2013

Rise of the 'narcobloggers'

In a country where reporting the drug war can mean death, Mexico's bloggers refuse to be silenced.

Several journalists hold pictures of colleagues who were victims of violence as they take part in a march, Mexico City, Mexico, 07 August 2010. EPA/Mario Guzman

UPDATE: Since airing this episode, Fronterasdesk.org alleged on Friday that Blog del Narco lifted already-published news stories from other Mexican journalists. At least one reporter has come forward saying their story had been plagarised.

The Stream reached out to "Lucy", the blog’s co-founder for comment. She responded via instant message, saying: “These allegations are an attempt to halt the campaign of Blog del Narco. Much of the information that I have received was sent exclusively for Blog del Narco, like video, photographs, etc, but they have been taken by the media....That has never bothered me because the intention is for everyone to be informed.”

Tens of thousands have been killed as Mexico continues to be swept up in a drug war that has left the country plagued by violence, corruption and tragedy. Facing constant death threats from cartels, many journalists have been forced to remain silent. But one clandestine blogger refuses to succumb to the pressure, using her site to document the raw realities on the ground. On Tuesday we’ll air an interview with the woman behind Blog del Narco. Join us at 1930GMT.

In this episode of The Stream, we speak to:

"Lucy" @InfoNarco
Creator, Blog del Narco

Steven Dudley @stevensdudley
Director, InSight Crime

Lydia Cacho @lydiacachosi

Ricardo Bernal @Dr_Rigo_Mortis
Global Protection Program, Article 19

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