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April 18, 2013

Drone strike hits close to home

Yemeni activist tweets personal account of US strike on his village.
Protesters loyal to the Shi'ite al-Houthi rebel group burn an effigy of a US aircraft during a demonstration to protest against what they say is US interference in Yemen, including drone strikes, in the Old Sanaa city April 12, 2013. REUTERS/Khaled Abdullah

News of a recent US drone strike on Yemen broke from a single Twitter account on Wednesday night. Journalist and activist Farea al Muslimi's timeline filled with updates on the attack, which hit his village, Wessab in the province of Dhamar, Yemen. The strike killed Hamid Radman al Manea, also known as Hamid al Radmi, who was suspected of involvement with Al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula (AQAP). Five AQAP suspects were killed in the blast, according to reports from the Associated Press and Agence France-Presse.