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May 15, 2013

El Salvador's 'Savita'? Netizens campaign for #Beatriz

Woman seeks right to terminate pregnancy after doctors say her life is at risk.

Protesters rally in support of Beatriz in El Salvador (Photo via Amnesty International)

Netizens around the world are campaigning for a 22-year-old woman in El Salvador whose life is at risk due to complications from pregnancy. 
The woman, known only as Beatriz, is five-months pregnant and has been fighting for the right to terminate her pregnancy after doctors warned she could die if she carries to term. Doctors also found that her foetus is missing a large part of its brain and believe it would not survive long after birth.
El Salvador bans abortion under all circumstances, and Beatriz is now waiting for a ruling from the country's supreme court on whether to make an exception in her case. She has received support from El Salvador's ministry of health and international human rights groups.
Many online are sharing an Amnesty International petition that asks El Salvador's attorney general to ensure that health professionals are able to provide an abortion without fear of prosecution.