June 24, 2013

Gentrification battle

Redevelopment project aimed to mix social classes ignites tensions.

Photo via Flickr user Ivan Drury

On Monday, June 24 at 19:30 GMT:

In Vancouver's Eastside, you can buy foie gras just blocks from where residents can safely use drugs. Why the contrast? A city strategy called "social mix" is hoping to merge the rich and poor through development and shared housing. But instead of a happy coexisting community, there have been protests, theft and vandalism. While tensions have reached a boiling point, this issue is not limited to Vancouver. Gentrification can be seen in just about any major city all the way from Rio to Hong Kong. So as the world continues to grow, how can a neighborhood also grow without class warfare? Is it possible for everyone to just get along?

In this episode of The Stream, we speak to:

Brent Toderian @BrentToderian
Founder, Toderian UrbanWorks

Ivan Drury @p0stcap
Organizer, Carnegie Community Action Project

Mark Brand @eastvanbrand
CEO, Save on Meats
“Formerly Homeless Dave” @homelessdave0
Anti-Displacement Activist

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