June 25, 2013

Oromos seek justice in Ethiopia

Why is the largest ethnic group in Ethiopia also one of the most persecuted?

Ethiopians belonging to the Oromia ethnic pray for the souls of 63 young Oromo men who died at sea while trying to cross illegally from Libya to Italian Lampedusa island the week before, at the UAE (United Arab Emirates) Red Crescent refugee camp near the border crossing with Libya at Ras Jdir, Tunisia, 15 April 2011. EPA/AMEL PAIN

The Oromo people make up about 40 per cent of Ethiopia’s population, yet face widespread discrimination and have long been targeted by the government. So what should be done to stop the marginalisation of the Oromos and end Ethiopia’s internal ethnic divide? 

In this epsiode of The Stream, we speak to:

Jawar Mohammed @Jawar_Mohammed
Oromo rights advocate
Fido Ebba
Foreign Affairs Representative, Oromo Liberation Front
Mohammed Ademo @OPride
Journalist and Editor, OPride
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