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July 24, 2013


US Muslims call for boycott of government-sponsored Ramadan celebration.

Obama speaks at an Iftar dinner in Washington DC on 10 August 20120 (EPA/Olivier Douliery/Pool).

On the eve of the US State Department's annual iftar dinner, some Muslim activists are calling on guests to boycott the ceremony.
The US government has hosted the iftar, a daily breaking of the Ramadan fast, since 2001. The State Department describes the tradition as a way to highlight its efforts to "engage with Muslim communities around the world". But some are pushing back, saying that US policies like drone attacks and force-feeding of Guantanamo inmates violate the human rights of Muslims around the world.
University professor Omid Safi, who declined an invite in 2003, wrote a blog post calling for others to boycott unless the following conditions are met: