September 24, 2013

The persistence of Golden Dawn

Why are Greeks still turning to the right wing nationalist party Golden Dawn?
The murder of Greek rapper Killah P, allegedly by a member of Golden Dawn, has once again focused the spotlight on the right wing Greek nationalist party.  Amid repeated austerity cuts, high youth unemployment and a lack of economic progress, many Greeks looked to the group for change by voting it into parliament in 2012. This, despite their extreme politics and reported violence against immigrants, Jews, homosexuals and opposition politicians. Critics are now demanding the party be banned from government and labeled a "criminal gang". So will Greeks still turn to Golden Dawn? Join us at 1930GMT.
In this episode, we speak to:
Neni Panourgia 
Anthropology professor, The New School
Costas Papachlimintzos @CostasPap
Journalist, Athens VIEWS
Matthaios Tsimitakis @tsimitakis
Tatiana Papanastasiou @tatiana_papan
PhD candidate, Oxford University
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