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September 25, 2013

Nigerians demand answers from National Assembly

#OurNASS demonstrations planned across the country on Thursday.

Photo via Flickr user shirazc [Creative Commons]

Thousands of protesters plan to take to the streets in Nigeria's capital Abuja and across the country on Thursday. They are demanding more government budget transparency and an end to an ongoing strike by the Academic Staff Union of Universities, which has left public universities shuttered since June.
The Enough is Enough Nigeria Coalition, one of the main groups calling for protests, is demanding more transparency, including a breakdown of how the National Assembly's N150 billion ($937 million) annual budget is spent.  
Many online are focusing on the high salaries paid to members of Nigeria's National Assembly. Nigerian MPs rank among the highest paid in the world, earning more annually than members of the US Congress and the UK Parliament. They are paid an estimated salary of $190,000 annually, or more than 100 times Nigeria's GDP per person.