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October 1, 2013

#DearCongress: world responds to US shutdown

Partial shutdown of US government triggers debate, humour online.

People read a sign explaining that the Statue of Liberty is closed due to the United States federal government shutdown in New York, USA, October 1, 2013. EPA/JUSTIN LANE

The partial shutdown of the US government has sparked debates and conversations both in the country and around the world. 
The shutdown forced 800,000 federal workers to stay home Tuesday, as the most recent spending bill ran out Monday. It will affect numerous agencies including NASA, the National Park Service, and the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). 
This comes amid a battle in Congress, as the Republican-led House of Representatives recently passed two spending bills which, alongside funding the government, would also block the implementation of parts of President Obama's healthcare reform. The Democrat-led Senate has rejected those bills.
In the US, many tweeted their thoughts using hashtag #DearCongress in a campaign started by The Today Show, an American morning programme on NBC.