October 8, 2013

India's Food Security Bill

Will the new law end hunger or is it an electoral gimmick?

800 million Indians living in poverty will soon have the right to food, thanks to the Food Security Bill. The Bill that was passed in September also provides special benefits to pregnant women, children and other vulnerable citizens. So what is the controversy? Critics say the timing is suspect as the country heads into an election year, and it is little more than a political gimmick. Is food a right, or are people’s empty stomachs being used for electoral gain? Join us 19:30 GMT.

In this episode of The Stream, we speak with: 
Harsh Mander 
Director, Centre for Equity Studies 
Devinder Sharma @Devinder_Sharma
Food and Trade Policy Analyst 
Manishankar Prasad @change_thinker
Nitin Pai @acorn
Director, The Takshashila Institution
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