October 9, 2013

The price of activism

Attacks on green activists are on the rise in Latin America.

Activists take part in a symbolic protest in Maraba, Brazil, 03 April 2013 during the trial against three suspects for the murder of environmentalists Jose Claudio Ribeiro da Silva and his wife, Maria do Espíritu Santo da Silva. (EPA/MERCEDES ZULANI)

Environmental activists experience more violence in Latin American than anywhere else in the world, according to the UN. In recent months, green campaigners were killed in Mexico, Peru, Brazil and Costa Rica. A Global Witness report published last year says of the 711 environmentalist deaths around the world during the past decade, 592 of them were in Latin America. So, who is targeting them and why? We discuss the price of environmental activism in Latin America at 19:30GMT.

In this episode of The Stream, we speak with:
Jorge Chapas @RedRana1
Executive director, Red Rana
Felipe Milanez @felipedjeguaka 
Political ecologist

Vanessa Lizano @CRWSvanessa
Costa Rica Wildlife Sanctuary
Esteban Gonzalez @menosgobierno
Libertarian Movement of Mexico 
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