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October 25, 2013

A glimpse into Iran on Instagram

Photographer Holly Dagres dispels misconceptions about the country in our #StreamoftheWeek.

#StreamoftheWeek, our community project on Instagram, is back with Iranian-American Holly Dagres (@politicallyaff). She hopes to "show Iran as a nation beyond stereotypes...The more people see my photos, the more people realize Iran is a country no different from any other [and] this means a lot to the Iranian people". 

Dagres has been posting photos from across Iran, from political icons and graffiti to beachgoers by the Caspian Sea. She also shared videos of wedding parties, street performers, and Ramadan celebrations.

She is currently living in Egypt and working as a researcher at the Cairo Review. Her photos this week are from her summer in Iran. 
Here are some of the photos and videos she shared with us: