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November 23, 2013

Egyptians say 'We are all Zena Arfah' after child's death

Netizens demand justice for five-year old girl allegedly killed after attempted rape.

Screenshot via "We are Zena Arfah" Facebook page.

Residents of the Egyptian city of Port Said are in shock over the death of a five-year old girl after she allegedly resisted an attempted rape. According to reports, on November 14 two teenagers tried to rape Zena Arfah Reehan and allegedly threw her from the roof of a building after she screamed. Zena's mother claims her daughter was kidnapped from in front of her apartment. The two suspects are currently in police custody, as authorities in Port Said continue the investigation.
Many online expressed anger over the incident. Facebook groups have been created to spread awareness over Zena's death. A group called "We are Zena Arfah" garnered nearly 150,000 likes in just one day.