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December 2, 2013

Protest at sea over Israeli blockade

Activists protested off the coast of Gaza against fishing restrictions they say have stifled the economy.

Palestinian boats, part of a five-boat flotilla of the 'Intifada Youth Coalition' (IYC) returns to Gaza port during a protest to break the naval blockade of Gaza, in Gaza city, 02 December 2013. EPA/MOHAMMED SABER

Hundreds of activists boarded fishing boats from Gaza City Monday morning to challenge the Israeli naval blockade that limits fishing in nearby seas. Riding the "Sumud and Justice Flotilla", activists called for an end to the restrictions which prevent fishermen from traveling more than 6 nautical miles (11 kilometres) from shore. 

Palestinian fishermen say the limitations prevent them from meeting market demand. Israeli forces have regularly shot at Gazan boats seen as trying to breach the blockade that's been in place since Hamas came to power in 2007.