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December 5, 2013

London students demand: #CopsOffCampus

Campus crackdown on protests at University of London draws condemnation online.

Students evicted from Senate House - London [YouTube]

Student protests at the University of London have intensified after police forcefully evicted demonstrators from occupying a campus building on Wednesday. Many criticised what they called a heavy handed response, using the hashtag #CopsOffCampus to demand an end to police presence. 

The University says demonstrators sealed off fire escapes and climbed on balconies, refusing to leave the building. Officials released a statement condemning what they said was an "aggressive" protest, which protesters and activists dispute. 
University protests have swept across the UK over worker benefits and student fees, as well as a rejection of education privatisation more broadly. At the University of Sussex, five students that officials say were leading "unlawful occupations" were banned from campus.