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January 7, 2014

Revolution of the scalpel

Tunisian medical residents and interns protest a draft bill that requires public service.
Tunisian doctors shout slogans during a demonstration near the National Constituent Assembly building in Tunis, Tunisia, 07 January 2014. (EPA/MOHAMED MESSARA)

Tunisian medical residents and interns took to the streets of the capital Tunis to protest the proposed bill that would require "medical specialists to have “medical specialists have to practice their profession in public health facilities for three years before [working in] the private sector”. Tunisian Minister of Health Abdellatif Mekki said law 38/2013 aims to improve access to different health services in rural areas. 

Many, however, in the medical community argue that the draft law would not improve the the public sector because it lacks the necessary equipment to practice medicine. Protesters marched Tuesday from the Ministry of Health to the National Constituent Assembly (ANC).