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January 21, 2014

Livestream captures violent arrest of anti-fracking protester

British activist charged with resisting arrest in Barton Moss as anger mounts online.

A sign stands outside a protest camp at the entrance to the IGas Energy exploratory gas drilling site at Barton Moss near Manchester in northern England, January 13, 2014. (REUTERS/PHIL NOBLE)

A video appearing to show police beating an anti-fracking protester near the Barton Moss test-drilling site in the United Kingdom has caused a stir online. The protester, whom police have identified as 44-year-old Sean O'Donnell, reportedly sustained multiple injuries, including a broken eye socket and bruises on his face, back, and knee. According to the Greater Manchester Police, O'Donnell has been charged with wilful obstruction of the highway and resisting arrest.