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January 30, 2014

Activists fight Cameroon's rainforest plantation

Residents and international organisations call for US-based Herakles Farms to end palm oil project they say threatens their land.

A group of chiefs from Ndian and Koupe-Manengouba during a discussion with the German Development Minister Dirk Niebel about the Herakles palm oil plantations on November 01, 2012 in Bakingili-Limbe, Cameroon. (THOMAS IMO/PHOTOTHEK VIA GETTY IMAGES)

Controversy again surrounds a US-based company's plans to implement a palm oil project in the rainforests of Cameroon. Herakles Farms (known as SG-SOC in Cameroon), headquartered in New York City, first made news in May 2013 when public outcry halted its palm-oil operations there. Since then, however, the company has reportedly restarted its efforts on a smaller scale, angering locals and activists.    

Greenpeace teamed up with local NGO Nature Cameroon to draw international attention to their cause. According to Greenpeace, thousands of indigenous residents could lose their land due to the plantation project.  Greenpeace also says that the area for Herakles Farms' project is home to chimpanzees and African forest elephants. 

Greenpeace initiated an online campaign that calls on Herakles Farms to stop its project:


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