February 20, 2014

Children on the front lines of conflict

Why do some countries still use child soldiers?

A file picture from August 2006 showing a young fighter in the eastern Democratic Republic of Congo.  (EPA/TUGELA RIDLEY)

Why are more than 250,000 kids around the world still being used as child soldiers? Last month the UN reported that 6,000 children may be involved in fighting in the Central African Republic. Other countries where armed groups have reportedly exploited children include Syria, South Sudan and Myanmar. What's being done to protect children from participating in armed conflict? We'll speak to two former child soldiers at 19:30 GMT.

In this episode of The Stream, we speak with:

Ishmael Beah @IshmaelBeah
Author, Radiance of Tomorrow

Ger Duany @GerDuany
Actor and humanitarian

Richard Clarke @ChildSoldiersIn
Director, Child Soldiers International

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