April 3, 2014

Marriage in Kenya: A man's world?

Kenyan parliament passes a bill that legalises polygamy without a wife’s consent.

Do Kenyan woman have no say in their marriages? Lawmakers passed a bill legalising polygamy without a wife’s consent. While it needs to be signed by the president to become law, the bill sparked a national debate about women’s rights, local traditions and family values. Supporters defend it as a mere formalisation of tradition, but opponents say it takes away a woman’s choice and fails to take into consideration Kenya’s minorities. What do you think? Join us at 1930GMT.

In this episode, we speak to:

Wanjiku Muhia @WanjikuMuhia 
Member of Parliament, Kenya

Elijah Langat
Member of Parliament, Kenya

Mark Kariuki @BishopKariuki 
Bishop, Deliverance Church

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