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April 25, 2014

Iranians shave heads in solidarity with prisoners

Activists condemn alleged raid in Iran's Evin prison.

Evin House of Detention in Tehran, Iran. Photo via Flickr user sabzphoto [Creative Commons].

Iranians are shaving their heads in a show of solidarity with inmates in Tehran's Evin prison. 

According to reports, some prisoners were beaten and had their heads shaved following a facility inspection. Some officials denied the event took place, including Iran's prisons chief Gholamhossein Esmaili. He said the guards were doing their job during a routine inspection when prisoners turned violent. Esmaili was reportedly moved from his post days after the incident.  

Activists are demanding justice for the prisoners.  A Facebook campaign "With the Political Prisoners of Evin's Section 350" says, "In solidarity with the proud (prisoners) at Evin Ward 350, we will shave our heads". 

Participants are sharing pictures on the page: