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May 6, 2014

#QandA cuts live broadcast after protesters hijack show

Debate online after Australian university students briefly take over programme to protest against Education Minister.

Screenshot via YouTube.

Student protesters disrupting Australia's Q&A programme caused a brief cut to the live broadcast of the show.

The students interrupted the guests, including Education Minister Christopher Pyne, with chants of "no cuts, no fees, no corporate universities". The programme cut to footage from an earlier show while the students were removed from the studio. Q&A host Tony Jones reprimanded the students, saying, "That was not what democracy is all about."

The Australian government is considering ending limits on student tuition, among other methods, to increase university funding. Pyne is an advocate of increasing students' fees toward their education.

The Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC) says it will apologise to Pyne and review its audience selection procedure.


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