July 17, 2014

Europe's uneasy homecoming

How should the EU handle foreign fighters returning from Syria and Iraq to their home countries?

An estimated 2,000 Europeans are believed to be fighting in Syria and Iraq with groups like Islamic State, according to the Counter-Terrorism Coordinator for the EU. Many have returned home and that’s prompted security concerns. European ministers recently adopted an “action plan” to address the possible threat of returning fighters, but its details remain confidential. How do you think this issue should be dealt with? Join us at 1930GMT.

In this episode of The Stream, we speak with:

Gilles de Kerchove
EU Counter-terrorism Co-ordinator

Richard Barrett @TheSoufanGroup
Senior Vice President, The Soufan Group

Daniel Kohler
Family Counselor & Director of Research, Institute for the Study of Radical Movements 

Laura Zahra McDonald @ConnectJustice
Director, Connect Justice

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