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August 1, 2014

'Hope for Gammy' campaign takes off after Australian couple abandons surrogate twin with Down Syndrome

Thai surrogate left with infant after couple reportedly refuses to keep son.

Image via "Hope for Gammy" GoFundMe.com page.

An Australian couple is shocking some online after they left their twin son with his surrogate mother upon finding out the baby had medical issues. Six-month-old Gammy was born with Down Syndrome and needs surgeries for a congenital heart condition.

After a twin birth at a hospital in Thailand, the biological parents took Gammy's twin sister home, but according to Fairfax Media, refused to take him. The couple reportedly told the 21-year-old surrogate to have an abortion when they found out one of the babies would be born with Down Syndrome, but she refused to.

The news prompted the launch of "Hope for Gammy," a campaign to raise money for the baby's medical treatments. They have raised more than 100,000 dollars.