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September 2, 2014

Netizens call out Turkey for prosecuting Twitter users while hosting UN net forum

Attendees also question #IGF2014's gender balance.


Twitter users are questioning Turkey's hosting of this year's Internet Governance Forum despite its controversial internet policies. 

Amnesty International highlighted the country's prosecution of more than 20 Turkish citizens for social media posts. They're standing trial for allegedly "inciting riots" by retweeting information about the 2013 Gezi protests. “It’s astounding to see Turkish authorities plough on with the prosecution of Twitter critics, even as they host a discussion on internet governance where human rights are a key theme,” said Amnesty's Deputy Director of Global Issues. 

Ahead of the conference, some Turkish journalists and law experts commented on the country's efforts to control internet use. Other Turkish internet rights advocates said they would boycott the event. The forum takes place between September 2 and 5.