February 18, 2015

Spanish tenants take on Wall Street landlords

Widespread protests as U.S. firms buy thousands of homes at throwaway prices.

Sí, se puede. Yes we can. That is the battle cry of Spaniards evicted from their homes by their Wall Street landlords. A number of US private equity firms have been buying regional governments’ stocks of public housing at distress prices, and then disproportionately raising rents. When tenants can’t pay up, they are evicted, often saddled with debt. We’ll speak to evictees who are fighting back. Join us at 1930GMT.

On today's show, we speak with:

Santi Mas De Xaxas @santimdx5 @LA_PAH 
Activist, Plataforma de Afectados Por La Hipoteca (PAH)
Movement for Decent Housing

Oriol Valles Codina @MareaGranateNYC
Activist, Marea Granate

Michele Ducher
Spanish citizen in default

Sebastien Gay
Lecturer, University of Chicago

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