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March 11, 2015

#LetsTalkMen campaign on male victims of domestic violence backfires

Men's rights group's Toronto billboard claims "Half of domestic violence victims are men".

Graphic that appears on CAFE billboard.

A billboard in Canada, aimed at ending domestic violence against men, is receiving backlash online for what many say are misleading statistics. 

The downtown Toronto billboard, funded by the Canadian Association of Equality (CAFE), claims "Half of domestic violence victims are men" and "No domestic violence shelters are dedicated to [men]". According to CAFE, the #LetsTalkMen campaign is a response to Ontario Premier Kathleen Wynne's "road map to end sexual harassment", launched last week. 

"Premier Kathleen Wynne's violence against women initiative reinforces sexist stereotypes that ignore violence against men, gays and lesbians, and endanger children with abusive mothers," CAFE said in a press release.