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March 26, 2015

Eviction of Amsterdam squatters turns violent

Well known squat in Dutch capital vacated after standoff between riot police and protesters.

Photo of eviction of squatters in Amsterdam via Twitter user @JosvanZetten.

Police forcefully cleared one of the most famous squats in the center of Amsterdam on Wednesday. The group of buildings known as Tabakspanden on Spui street have been occupied by squatters since the 1980s. The De Key corporation, which now owns the complex, wants to convert it into apartments and offices. De Key reportedly got renovation permits in February 2014.
Some squatters left the complex on Sunday but it was again reocuppied on Tuesday night to protest De Key's development plan. Activists made barricades and set them on fire. Their actions reportedly prompted police response resulting in several arrests. 

Below is the video of the evacuation: