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July 22, 2015

#CriseAgricole: Farmers cause major disruptions across France

Roads shut down as the country's agricultural crisis spirals out of control.

A French farmer pushes tires onto fire with his tractor to block a highway in northern France, July 22, 2015. The placard reads 'Our work has a price'. (REUTERS/PASCAL ROSSIGNOL)

Angry French farmers are protesting France's declining milk and meat prices. Dairy, cattle and swine farmers have joined forces in demonstrations across the country, using tractors, manure, mud and other debris to blockade roads and bridges to major cities and high traffic tourist destinations.

Farmers say supermarket chains and distributors are to blame for driving down prices. According to reports, 25,000 beef, pork and dairy producers face bankruptcy, and 10 per cent of livestock farms are vulnerable to closure.

The movement, which began Sunday in Normandy, quickly spread to other farming regions in France, igniting a firestorm on Twitter.