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August 12, 2015

Peruvian town erupts as workers try to save factory

One dead, dozens injured as protesters shut down La Oroya to pressure government to protect the town's historic smelting factory.


Residents of La Oroya are demonstrating to pressure the government into protecting them from impending lay-offs and liquidation of a Doe Run factory, a major employer of the Peruvian town.  2,400 workers are set to lose their jobs, as the company plans to liquidate if it fails to find a buyer by August 27. The workers are demanding the government be more flexible in their environmental standards, which are said to be behind the absence of bidders for the factory.


Protesters began blocking the Central Highway early Tuesday morning, using tires, rocks, and trees along a 10 km stretch of the highway, which serves as the main connection between Lima and many regions of the country.