January 13, 2016

#RefugeeCrisis: Stories of survival and resettling

As winter’s chill settles in UNHCR’s Melissa Fleming on what lies ahead for millions of refugees.

The new year began in Europe with predictions of a long, harsh winter and a number of countries tightening their border to control the influx of refugees. This has left many in a state of limbo, braving the elements. But it hasn’t stopped the thousands fleeing violence, persecution and the search for a better life from reaching Europe’s doorstep. Refugees continue to arrive by foot, over land and by sea. And for Syrian refugees and internally displaced, this begins a fifth winter, facing extreme hardship as the conflict rages on.

We’ll put your questions to the UNHCR’s Melissa Fleming on what lies ahead for millions of refugees. Then in the next part of the programme, we’ll be joined by families hosting refugees on what it takes to resettle. How are both sides overcoming obstacles like culture and community reaction?

In this episode of The Stream, we speak with: 

Melissa Fleming @melissarfleming
Chief Communications & Spokesperson at UNHCR

Andrew FitzGerald
Co-founder and Chair, Ripple Refugee Project

Alexander Dettke and Mohamad Bahry
Hosting Migrant

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