March 2, 2016

To #Brexit or not? Deciding to break up with the EU

A look at the campaigns for and against Britain exiting the European Union.

On Wednesday, March 2 at 19:30 GMT:

In the UK a vote is looming. On June 23 Britons will vote in a referendum whether to leave the European Union, a choice often known as “Brexit”, or to stay in the 28-member bloc. Campaigning has begun in earnest on both sides to sway voters.

Those pushing for the UK to remain in the union say that leaving would be expensive, cause uncertainty and result in financial turmoil. They also say that millions of jobs are linked to EU membership, travel and work is easier and the world is safer with information sharing. Eurosceptics though contend that Britain has suffered in trade deals, the open border policy is hurting the nation and that legislation made in the European Union’s capital Brussels has far too much influence over member states. Polls show that right now public opinion in Britain is divided.

On the next Stream, we’ll speak to campaigners about what they think are the biggest issues that will push undecided voters their way. Join us with your questions and comments at 19:30 GMT.

Joining this conversation:

Tom Harwood @tomhfh
Chair, Students for Britain

Sally Williamson @salllyyy
University of Bath Coordinator, Students for Europe

Daryl Stanbury @ukipgloucester
Vote Leave Supporter

Alex Campbell
Video Producer

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