March 23, 2016

Jacob Zuma's #GuptaGate controversy

Corruption allegations put South Africa's presidency and the future of the ANC in question.

South African President Jacob Zuma has found himself in the hot seat this month after allegations that he has been outsourcing his constitutional responsibilities to powerful friends outside of the government. Zuma is accused of allowing members of the Gupta family to have more political power in the country, including the ability to influence the appointment of ministers and deputies. The Guptas are Indian-born businessmen who relocated to South Africa in the 1990s and have interests in the mining, engineering, computer and media industry. Both Zuma and the Gupta family dismissed the claims.

This is not the first time Zuma is the centre of a corruption scandal. In 2013, a leaked report found the president used taxpayer funds to make upgrades to his home. Two years later, thousands took to the streets when Zuma sacked the country’s well-respected finance minister without explanation - a move protesters found suspicious. The latest controversy however, has put a lot of pressure on Zuma and the country’s ruling African National Congress (ANC) party to act on corruption. The ANC has expressed “confidence” in the president’s leadership despite calls for him to step down.

Citizens on and offline are demanding answers. So on Wednesday, we’ll speak with South Africans about their concerns and what it will take to restore confidence in the government.

On today's episode, we speak to:

Sipho Singiswa @mediaforjustice
Human rights filmmaker

Shanti Aboobaker @ShantiAboobaker
Writer and researcher

Alex Mashilo @Alex_Mashilo
Spokesperson, South African Communist Party

Lester Kiewit @lesterkk
Journalist, eNCA

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