April 27, 2017

Grading Trump's presidency: Part 1

100 days in, immigrants share their hopes and concerns.

Despite downplaying the importance of the first 100 days, US president Donald Trump has lauded his time in office in the press and on social media. According to the White House, he has signed more than 30 executive orders, successfully appointed a Supreme Court judge and taken steps to follow through on his campaign promises. Trump supporters appear to be happy with the president’s work to take down several of his predecessor’s policies on taxes, health care, energy and government excess, just to name a few.
Across the aisle, though, the opinion is very different. The past 100 days of the Trump presidency have been filled with resistance to the president himself, his cabinet and his policies. Grassroots organising is surging,and donations to institutions dedicated to fighting his agenda have been record-breaking. Protests have made up some of the most significant moments of his term, from the Women’s March, which brought millions into the street across the globe, to the travel ban demonstrations which filled US airports.

So how does each side’s take of the first 100 days stack up with immigrants to the United States? We’ll check in with eight naturalised citizens in their third town hall appearance on The Stream. They reunite for an in-depth look at the presidential benchmark. 

On this episode of The Stream, we'll speak to: 

Saba Ahmed @SabaRMC
President, Republican Muslim Coalition 

Genie Nguyen @genienguyen 
President, Voice of Vietnamese Americans 

Jesse Singh @jasdipsingh2
Founder, American Sikhs for Trump

Loide Jorge @loidemusica
Immigration lawyer

Mayra and Anthony Segura @maedcace @anthonyabqnm
Married couple

AJ and Sana Siddiqui @sana24siddiqui
Father and daughter

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