February 28, 2018

#Sridevi: What legacy will she leave behind?

The sudden death of Bollywood actress Sridevi has sent shock waves across India and beyond.

On this episode of The Stream we dive into three stories that have our online community talking.

Argentina austerity 
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A week ago thousands of Argentine truck drivers flooded the streets of Buenos Aires to protest the economic policies of President Mauricio Macri.

Since taking office in 2015, Macri has worked to reduce the country's fiscal deficit by gradually cutting government subsidies. Although Macri's policies haven't been welcomed by a huge percentage of people, some say they are helping dig Argentina out of a long economic crisis. The demonstrations are seen as a test of the president's ability to continue to push for reforms. Union leaders have vowed that if Macri moves ahead with his policies they may call a trucking strike next month.

Joining us: 

Teresa Bo @TeresaBo
Al Jazeera Correspondent  

Yamil Santoro @yamilsantoro 
Spokesman for National Coalition

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China's presidential term limits 
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Chinese President XI Jinping’s term in office is set to end in 2022 - or is it? The ruling Communist Party is proposing scrapping presidential term limits. The move would allow Xi Jingping to stay in power indefinitely. 

Xi’s supporters say the change is needed to provide stability and so that Xi can fulfil his ambition to lead China into a national renaissance and new era of modernity. But critics believe the move would reverse decades of efforts to make China more transparent about its balance of power.

Joining us: 

Yun Sun @Stimson_EAsia
Senior Associate, East Asia Program at the Stimson Center 

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#Sridevi: Bollywood icon 
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The world has been in mourning since the death of Bollywood actress Sridevi in Dubai. According to a forensics report, the 54-year-old died from “accidental drowning”. It was originally reported that she had died of a heart attack but authorities now say she fell into a bath and drowned. 

Sridevi earned superstar status for her starring role in the 1987 adventure film, Mr India. She has appeared in more than 300 movies and in 2013 received the prestigious Padma Shri award, India's fourth-highest civilian honour, for her contributions to Bollywood.  On this episode of The Stream we will take a look at the star’s life and legacy and how people online are reacting to her death.

Joining us: 

Aseem Chhabra @chhabs
Entertainment journalist and author

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