May 31, 2018

What are the facts behind the #WhereAreTheChildren campaign?

On this #StreamUpdate we discuss the news behind the hashtags, and separate fact from fiction.

The largest flare-up of violence between Hamas and Israel since the 2014 Gaza War appears to over. On Wednesday, Hamas announced that armed groups in the Gaza Strip had agreed to a ceasefire with Israel. The news follows a night of air attacks by Israel aimed at several Hamas and Islamic Jihad positions. Meanwhile, a Palestinian flotilla carrying patients, students and job-seeking university graduates has been captured by Israeli warships and towed to Israel. Al Jazeera’s Harry Fawcett joins The Stream from Gaza.

Harry Fawcett @harryjfawcett
Correspondent, Al Jazeera English 

Farah Baker @Farah_Gazan
Social media activist

#TogetherForNI, #TheNorthIsNext, #NIAbortion
All eyes are on Northern Ireland following an historic abortion vote in the Republic of Ireland. Last weekend, 66 percent of voters decided to scrap the country's Eighth amendment which made abortion illegal except when a mother’s life was in danger. Now many are wondering if Northern Ireland will follow suit. Even though Northern Ireland is part of the United Kingdom, the country never adopted a 1967 law that legalized abortions in the UK. Women’s rights advocates have been taking to social media using #TogetherForNi, #TheNorthISNext, and #NIAbortion to pressure the government to decriminalise abortions. But how likely is that to happen? Advocates will answer that on this episode of The Stream.

Kellie O’Dowd @KellieFem
Co-Chair, Alliance for Choice 

Ashleigh Topley @Ashashleigh   

Social media exploded recently over news of the treatment of children being held by authorities at the Southwest border of the United States. Twitter users began calling for action with the hashtags #WhereAreTheChildren and #MissingChildren after reports circulated that children were being separated from their migrant parents and that the government lost track of nearly 1500 children. However, as some on social have pointed out the issues are not the same. So how accurate are these claims online and are the children really missing? We will pose those questions to our immigration panel as we separate the facts from fiction.

Erika Pinheiro @AlOtroLado_Org
Policy and Litigation Director, Al Otro Lado 


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