September 6, 2018

Maimouna Youssef: Mixing soul music and social activism

Indie soul singer joins us to perform live and share the process behind her art.

Soul singer Maimouna Youssef describes herself as a "musical healer". Also known by the stage name Mumu Fresh, Youssef has bared her own soul while displaying the talents of a highly versatile singer, songwriter and rapper. In several independently released albums, she sings about experiences including single motherhood, black hair politics, and her identity as a Native American and African American woman. 

Youssef's latest work is showcased in "Vintage Babies", a 2017 collaboration with DJ Dummy. Drawing inspiration from issues like the Dakota Access Pipeline protests and Donald Trump's treatment of women, tracks on "Vintage Babies" take on modern realities with classic soul and R&B style. Her verses advocate self-love and reveal the inner struggles of becoming a confident black woman. In "Never Bring Me Down" she raps, "You stay trying to put me in my place/ But I’m already here/ A self-aware black woman is your worst fear." In "Say My Name" - a song inspired by the death of Sandra Bland - she sings, "If I should die tomorrow/ At the hands of the policeman/ And the papers say, we're going to call it a suicide, would you even question why".  

We'll hear the music of Maimouna Youssef and learn what drives her as an artist.


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On this episode of The Stream, we speak with:

Maimouna Youssef @maimounayoussef
Musician & activist

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