January 17, 2019

DRC: How can election drama be resolved?

In this episode, The Stream also discusses a teachers strike in Los Angeles and meets the organisers of the first annual Indigenous Peoples March.

DRC election row
The outcome of the Democratic Republic of the Congo’s (DRC) presidential election has come under scrutiny, with opposition candidate Martin Fayulu alleging fraud and demanding a recount. The DRC’s electoral commission awarded the victory to Fayulu’s opposition rival, Felix Tshisekedi, raising the concerns of France, Belgium, the US, and the UK. The Catholic Church in the DRC has also disputed the results, saying they are inconsistent with information gathered by observers it deployed to monitor the election.

In this segment, we’ll speak with Al Jazeera correspondent Haru Mutasa to unpack the controversy and get the latest.

The Los Angeles Unified School District in California is on strike, affecting hundreds of thousands of students and at least 30,000 teachers. Among the demands are a pay increase, smaller class sizes, and more support staff – similar requests to those teachers made 29 years ago during the last strike.

The majority of students affected come from minority communities, and many of the  striking teachers have been working without a contract due to stalled negotiations. The strike is the latest in a string of protests by teachers across the US.

In this segment, we’ll discuss the strike with one of the teachers demanding better work conditions.

Indigenous Peoples March
Indigenous groups worldwide will gather in Washington, DC on Friday for the first annual Indigenous Peoples March. Demonstrators hope the march will help to raise awareness of issues affecting their communities, from the seizure of newborns in Canada to the protection of indigenous lands around the globe.

In this segment, we’ll explore the purpose of the march and chat again with First Nations activist Maggie Cywink, whose sister is among Canada’s missing and murdered indigenous women, to learn the latest.

On this episode of The Stream, we speak with:
Haru Mutasa @harumutasa
Africa correspondent, Al Jazeera English

Maggie Cywink

Chase Iron Eyes @ChaseIronEyes
Attorney & activist

Bradley Bermont @bradleybermont

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